Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Question No. 1:

How is the age of a candidate calculated/determined?


Age is calculated from date of birth as given in Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) or on any relevant certificate and is taken as final. In case the candidate has appeared in any other examination equivalent to Secondary School Certificate such as Senior Cambridge/O-level and the certificate of such examination does not bear date of birth of the candidate, he/she shall be required to produce;

  • School Leaving Certificate bearing his/her date of birth; or
  • b. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)


If date of birth of a candidate is 15 August, 1970 and the closing date for receipt of application in the PPSC office is 07-02-1998; the age will be calculated as under:

Day Month Year
Closing Date -      07 02 1998
Date of Birth
of Candidate
-      15 08 1970
Age on closing date: 1+23 05 27
(27 Years, 05 Months and 24 Days)

Explanation: While calculating his/her age, one day has been added to the calculations made with respect to his/her date of birth and closing date for receipt of on-line application. Thus on the closing date, the age of the candidate shall be 27 years 5 months and 24 days. This has been done on the grounds that a child born on 1st January will be of one year on 31st December in same year. On 1st January of next year, his/her age will be one year and one day.
However, in case of Competitive/Combined Competitive Examination the qualifying age will be reckoned as on the 1st of January of the year in which the exam is proposed to be held.

Day Month Year
Closing Date -      01 01 2016
Date of Birth
of Candidate
-      01 01 1988
Age on closing date: 1+00 00 28
(28 Years, 00 Months and 01 Days)

Question No. 2:

How is age relaxation given across the board?


The relaxation in upper age limit is 5 years for males and 8 years for female candidates given by the Secretary of Department, will be given across the board; which will appear as part of the advertisement.

Question No. 3:

Can every candidate take advantage from age relaxation?


General age relaxation is for everyone fulfilling the pre-requisite criteria for the post.

Question No. 4:

Can a candidate slightly underage or overage apply for a post advertised by Punjab Public Service Commission?


No. A candidate, underage or overage by even one day, is not eligible for a post advertised by Punjab Public Service Commission.

Question No. 5

Is there any age relaxation for Government servants?


If there is age relaxation for the Government Servants, it is mentioned in the advertisement.

Question No. 6

What are the criteria of age concession for the employees of Federal Government or Autonomous Bodies of Federal Government or Provincial Government and of Local Bodies?


Employees of Federal Government or Semi Government and Autonomous bodies of Federal Government or Provincial Government and those of Local Bodies are not entitled to age concession for the period of their service in such organizations.


Question No. 7:

How the eligibility about the Qualification of a candidate is determined?


Eligibility of a candidate is determined against the prescribed qualification of a post given in the advertisement. However, higher and additional qualification will not be considered if a candidate does not possess advertised essential qualification.

Question No. 8:

If a Person has more than one Degree with result declared in the same year, for example, M. Phil from P.U and M.Ed from Allama Iqbal Open University, whether both these two degrees would be considered valid by PPSC , or only one of these two will be considered?


Two degrees attained i